Should You Work From Home?

Is Working from Home a Good Idea for You?

When considering launching a home-based business, one of the most common mistakes people make is failing to examine what it actually takes to be successful. People who told me they could never accomplish what I do because they could not force themselves to get up in the morning initially surprised me. They would sleep in all day and do nothing.

While some online business owners are known for sleeping until noon, they’re also the ones you’re likely to find in their office at 3 a.m. working on a project.

Therefore, I want to help you understand what it truly takes to launch a successful home-based business.

Are you self-motivated?

When you own your own business, the experience is considerably different from when you work for someone else. If you arrive late, nobody will punish you. You must be responsible for yourself.
Can you complete tasks if no one is keeping an eye on you to make sure it gets done? If you lack the ability to push yourself and set your own deadlines, you may want to reconsider launching a home-based business.

A four-hour work week?

The 4 Hour Work Week book by Timothy Ferris sparked a trend. The concept of merely working four hours a week appealed to a large number of individuals. And yes, it is possible.
However, this is not usually the case. First, the majority of successful home-based business owners that I know enjoy what they do. You’ve heard the old saying, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work again.”
The truth is that four hours a week isn’t enough for most people. I know that many home-based business owners enjoy what they do and wish to do more of it. For most people, four hours per week is not enough. There have been times when 14 hours just wasn’t sufficient. I don’t wish to discourage you, but I do want you to understand what it can be like at times. Are you willing to do what it takes to succeed?

Managing distractions

You will need a place where you can concentrate and get work done. When I helped my mum to start her home-based business, her productivity was awful. We soon discovered that she allowed herself to be constantly distracted by other people. People would visit her home because they knew she would be there. People would call her up to talk as they knew she was available.
We finally found out that the best way for her to get work done was to go to the library. She wasn’t distracted and was able to work. Make sure that your children and spouse are aware that they can not disturb you unless it is an emergency while you are working. If you fail to do so, working from home will be an extremely frustrating experience for you.

Are you willing to learn?

The last thing I want to say is that you have to be ready to learn. People who have spent $60,000 on a college education are often afraid to invest a few hundred dollars in a course that would teach them the business skills they need to succeed. In one way or another, you will pay for your education.
There are two options: you can either learn on your own through trial and error, or you can pay someone else for their expertise. It’s cheaper and less stressful to go the paid route, but the choice is up to you. But remember that there is a lot you don’t know and you must be open to learning.

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